Who are we ?

Passionate about military history, vintage vehicles and motorsports since my early childhood, I grew up in an automotive environment. I bought my first Jeep when I was 17. I am undertaking its restoration mainly with original parts readily available at that time. Quickly a Dodge WC54 came to grow the family, a vehicle with often rare parts, but non-existent documentation.

I have renovated many vehicles: Jeeps, Dodges, GMC, Sherman for 3 years. I then decided to devote myself to the distribution of spare parts, creating in 2016 my company USMTWT (US Military Trucks Wheels and Tracks) as a result of an increasing demand for restoration and a need for parts.


Based on these experiences, I am writing my first reference book in the field “Dodge WC54 Knowledge and Restoration” intended for ambulance enthusiasts to share and facilitate access to information on this vehicle.

With my network, I am committed to offering you an extensive range of original spare parts, “NOS” New Old Stock, to allow you to start, continue and finish your restoration with respect for the origin.

We make a point of offering you the highest quality original parts at the best price.

We closely follow the restorations of our customers all over the world. Like you, we are passionate people who are happy to contribute to the success of your projects.


You will love our products as much as we love finding them for you.

France 3 Report

We have equipped and adapted the Sherman tanks for the program “Champ de Bataille” on RMC Découverte

(Dompaires – Le choc des titans).